Monday, March 8, 2010

Conference Break

Sorry for not posting so regularly this spring. I was writing a paper for publication and presentation. And finally, next weekend, I will be presenting the paper at a graduate student conference at UCLA (see the following link). Of course, due to budget cuts, probably, they have not updated the website with the correct spelling of my name or the correct title of my paper. I have posted the first slide of my presentation, so you can see the correct title. (Jin Yong is the most popular Chinese author of 20th century martial arts fiction. For my master's thesis, I am analyzing his works and their effect on Chinese identity. He is my favorite author, and I love kung fu novels, movies, and tv shows. One of my advisors told me that for a thesis you have to write about what you love... My kids still think I'm cheating.)

The conference is free and put on by the Comparitive Lit department of UCLA. It seems that anyone interested can attend if there are seats.

My family is big on academics. So of course my mom and aunt had to give me a make-over (that was last weekend). I hope to be back with regular blog posts by March 20th.


murat11 said...

Count me in the audience - spiritually, if not physically, Looks like a very interesting line-up in the program.

Ah, cheating. The speed with which poems fall out of me has always felt like cheating, considering the number of poets I've heard who talk of laboring for "years" over a handful of lines. Here's to the Art of Cheating (academic, no less!).

Have a great time at the conference.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Murat. I do not condone the plagiarism kind of cheating, but if doing what you love and what comes naturally is a form of cheating, then I'm all for it! Especially as an art form.

Cloudia said...

Oh, Teresa!

I'd SO love to be there; I love your topic.

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Teresa said...

Thanks for the moral support, Cloudia. I'll let you know when the paper gets published. Then you can read it :)

Cloudia said...

Do get back to us when can, Sis!

Barrie said...

Hope all went well. :)