Friday, May 1, 2009

Photo Collage: Company Trips 1983-1986

Sorry this post is late. I'm working on papers for school and got my days mixed up.

Seoul Airport

Doing videography in Seoul
Tokyo Tower Observation Platform

Emperor's Palace Park in Tokyo
(Far Left) Tokyo Tower

Eating Udon on Tatamis in Tokyo

Kimchi vats outside the kitchen of the Bando Youth Hostel near Seoul

Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Pescadores Islands, Inter-island Bridge

Bike Trip (tandem bikes) from Yangming Shan to Neihu, Taipei

Boat ride in the Pescadores

Weekend in the Taiwan countryside

River at the bottom of the Taroko Gorge, Taiwan


Joannalynne said...

I love seeing these old pictures of you...were those not the glory days?

Teresa said...

They were the best. I had so much fun in the 80's.

Joannalynne said...

Of course it stil wasn't nearly as fun as after the three best playmates EVER came to rock your world, am I right?