Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photo Collage: My Black Ox Prince

My Black Ox Prince:

Family Name: Liu
Given Name: Yuni
English Name: Joshua
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Metal Ox

Fully armed in military (above)
The hut in the woods (left)

With members of work crew having a snack in the hut (the far back bunk bed is the scene of the demise of the female krait)

The swing my prince made for me

The septic tank that won my heart

Weekend visitors to the hut

Gathering a snowball on Yangming Mountain

Preparing to throw shoes at an enemy

Near a mountain stream

In the mountain stream

A naiad (?)

NCO leading the guard

On guard at the general's house

On leave at home


Joannalynne said...

Two thumbs up!!
My favorite picture is the one of daddy running down the street. What a jolly fellow!

Teresa said...

He's not being jolly. The captions didn't come out with the pictures quite right. He's running to throw shoes at people or he has stolen someone's shoes and is throwing them away. It is a good picture of him, though. He was so much livelier than the pimply-faced bookworms the old ladies tried to fix me up with... (sigh with cow eyes)

Cloudia said...

Aloha my fellow Pommes fan.
Saw you at Cunieform Scratchings and followed you home. Hope it's cool.
I'm a weiss girl from philly whose lived in Honolulu for some time now, and fully identify with Chinese culture. New Year and lion dances and dim sum are my favorite things. Your profile and lovely family just blew me away. I'm joining today! Hope you drop by my blog sometime. You're TOO good for that rascally Sepiru Chris, though he IS one of my favorite malefactors ;-) Aloha

Teresa said...

Hi Cloudia,

Welcome to my blog. I saw yours and signed on as a follower. I love the pictures of Hawaii. They are gorgeous.

Sepiru Chris is good for a lot of laughs even if he is a devious villain. The world is made up of yin and yang, and we wouldn't recognize the good without the black background... So he serves a purpose in life.


Barrie said...

That swing looks fun. :)

Teresa said...

Hi Barrie,

The swing was very fun. It could go really high, and on the upswing I could look out to one side and see over the trees to the rice paddies in the valley below. Of course, to the front, back, and other side was the jungle on the "mountain."